Pakistan drops charges against Hafiz Saeed

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Islamabad: Pakistani authorities Sunday withdrew charges against Hafiz Saeed and his group Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), paving way for the possible release of the UN, US and Indian “designated terrorist” for his involvement in 2008 Mumbai attacks.
A Punjab government official told a review board of Supreme Court on Saturday that the provincial government did not include “charges of terrorism” in the new order for Hafiz Saeed and his aides.
Authorities had earlier detained Saeed under Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA).
Saeed’s lawyer A.K. Dogar had urged the court to order the release of Saeed and his four aides since they are no longer under ATA.
The Lahore High Court is expected to decide his application in the coming week after Jusice Muzahir Naqvi asked the government to file charges against Saeed.
He had warned the government earlier this week that Saeed would be freed unless evidence was presented against the JuD leader.
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