Vasundhara Raje Govt Takes Ordinance Route to Shield Judges and Babus from Probes, Media Glare

File photo of Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje (Facebook).

The ordinance, promulgated on September 6, requires prior sanction from the state government to probe judges, magistrates and public servants. It provides for a six-month immunity.

Jaipur: The Vasundhara Raje administration in Rajasthan has passed a controversial ordinance which protects judges, magistrates and public servants — both serving and former — from being investigated for on-duty actions without prior sanction by the government.
The ordinance was promulgated on September 6 and provides for a six-month immunity. The state government has up to six months to decide on the request and if there is no word at the end of this period, it automatically means the sanction has been granted.

The ordinance, which amends the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, also seeks to curb the freedom of press, barring the media from reporting on the accusations till the sanction to proceed with the probe is obtained. Violating this clause could result in a two-year imprisonment.

The new rule does not apply to cases that are filed with the police such as criminal cases of assault, but pertain to corruption cases that go to court.


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