The people of jammu city are in great stress, tension due to traffic problem. Dimple


The people of jammu city are in great stress, tension due to traffic problem. Dimple

BJP-PDP Govt has no traffic mobile plan for the jammu city, jammu MLAS mum.

Dimple threatens to start the jan andolan against the traffic problem in jammu city.

Protest dhrna against the traffic problem on janipur road, against the BJP-PDP Govt for not constructing fly over’s at rehari chungi jewel chowk, circular ring roads, no traffic mobile plan for the jammu city, no parking spots for vehicles, proper stands for matadors and for making jammu a smart city.

Addressing the protestors Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement threatened to intensify the agitation if traffic problem is not solved in jammu city by the BJP-PDP govt, as the govt has no formula to solve the traffic problem, no mobile plan for the jammu city and people of jammu are in constant great stress of jams and accidents.

He warned we will start the jan andolan if the construction work of fly overs at rehari chuangi, jewel chowk not started.

Dimple sent a strong message to the chief minister and PDP-BJP govt to solve the burning traffic problem of the jammu city and not put the people in trouble. .

He alleged we have been agitating for the last 25 years for the reforms in the traffic scenario of the jammu city, but the BJP-PDP Govt minister Nayeem Akhtar, refused to construct the flyover at rehari chungi jewel chowk and the circular, ring roads proposal is also in the cold store.

Dimple said this is shame for the BJP city MLAs when the govt denied to construct fly over’s in jammu city they were seen thumping tables laughing, clapping on the speech, denial of the PWD R&B, PDP minister Nayem Akhtar speech in the assembly.

He demanded the resignation of the BJP MLAs as they have failed to formulate any traffic mobile plan in the 3 three years tenure, for the jammu city and to  solve the traffic problem of the jammu city and failed to get the flyovers.

He demanded the chief minister Mahbooba to start the work on the construction of Flyovers at Rehari Chungi, Jewal chowk and the widening of the BC Road.

He demanded the Mahbooba Mufti Govt. for the construction of alternative four way circular road from Amphalla  Manda to high court  Janipur to  Roop Nagar, to Bantalab . To ease traffic on the Janipur Road.

Jewal Chowk to Talab tillo bia bhagwati and for the widening of the Jewal chowk to Purkhu Akhnoor Road.

He appealed the honble high court to intervene the matter as the govt intentions are not looking sincere to solve the worst traffic problem and the people of jammu city are under torture and great stress in the jammu city.

He said no net work of spreading roads, flyovers and circular ring roads is  being done and the general public is being harassed, vehicles being lifted, business community is being harassed by demolishing, innocents are being fastly challaned which is no solution to control the traffic unless the roads net work is spread.

Dimple demanded for starting Metro Rail, Mono Rail and Construction of Circular Roads to solve the traffic problem faced by the people of Jammu City.

Dimple demanded for the construction of the proper parking stands in the jammu city for the vehicles parking.

He said chief minister that the Amphalla Janipur road has turned in to the accidental road, due to PWD R&B dividers and every day accidents take place.

Dimple alleged the no coordination among the  PWD R&B, JMC, ERA have badly failed to solve the traffic problem of the Jammu city.

He alleged and said the speaker, ministers of Jammu, sitting MLAS, MPs of the BJP never took up matter in the assembly, to solve the traffic problems and for the construction of the flyovers at Rehari, Jewal Chowk jammu city.

He said Govt does not own its failure and responsibility and is only harassing the general public, traders, pvt vehicle owners on the name of traffic reforms.

Dimple threatened to start to start indefinite agitation against the traffic problem.

The prominent protestants are Sham Saroop, Manjiet Anand, Sachin Soi, Rajinder Sharma, Joginder, Ramesh Mahjan, Bharat Bhushan, and many others


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