1. Sunil Dimple meets RTO road transport officer Jammu Mr D.R Kanmathia discussed traffic problems and MVD traffic mobile plans for jammu city.
2. BJP-PDP Govt has no traffic mobile plan for the jammu city, jammu MLAS mum.

Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement held a high level meeting with  the RTO road transport officer jammu, Deep Raj Kanathia, ARTO jammu Neeeraj Sharma and held the detail meeting with the officers to know about the MVD traffic mobile plans for the jammu city to stream line the worst traffic system in the winter capital Jammu city.

Dimple demanded to ban the sale of the matador permits in the Jammu city. As the matadors have collapsed all the traffic scenario in the Jammu city.

Dimple said RTO Deep Raj Kanathia, the govt should spread circular ring roads, net work in Jammu city immediately.

He appealed the RTO Jammu to make a traffic mobile plan for the jammu city and submit to the Govt, recommend for the construction of fly overs, ring roads, construct small parking spots in all markets, and start the mono metro rails to connect the adjoining towns RS pura, Bari brahmna, digiana, mud, akhnoor, nagrota, bhalwal, samba with the jammu.

Dimple said RTO that there always traffic jams on the Amphalla new Plot janipur high court Road. BC Road , Mahesh pura, chowks, behind civil sectriate, Rehari Chungi, KC Shakutla crossing. Jewal canal roads talab tillo tillo, Purkho Akhnoor Road.

He demanded RTO jammu to recommend the govt to start the work on the construction of flyovers at Rehari Chungi, Jewal chowk and the widening of the BC Road.

He demanded the RTO for the construction of alternative four way circular road from Amphalla  Manda to high court  Janipur to  Roop Nagar, to Bantalab, to ease traffic on the Janipur Road.
He also demanded RTO to for the four lining of the Jewal Chowk to Talab tillo bia bhagwati and for the widening four lining of the Jewal chowk to Purkhu, Akhnoor Road.

Dimple demanded RTO to recommend for starting Metro Rail, Mono Rail and Construction of Circular Roads to solve the traffic problem faced by the people of Jammu City.

He also demanded for proper documents of the fitness of the  bus matadors running in the rural areas, as many accidents are taking place due to old vehicles, over due fitness documents of the vehicles, over loadings in the far flung areas.

He also demanded the RTO jammu to stop the malpractices complained in the department, simplify the documentations process for the licensing, registration of the vehicles, over charging by auto rikshawas and stop the middle man trade in the department.

ARTO jammu Neeraj Sharma assured dimple that there is now, complete transparency and the ARTO office have stopped the middle man for getting the documentation process complete.

ARTO Neeraj asked to bring in our notice the complains, we will take stringent action against the culprits.

Mr Deep raj Kanathia RTO road transport officer Jammu,  gave patient hearing to the demands of Sunil Dimple.

RTO Deep raj assured that we are rationalizing all the routes of the far flung areas and are trying that all routes of the jammu region and the people get the transport matadors facility at the doors step.

He said we have submitted the traffic mobile plan to the govt and all these demands have all ready been recommended to the govt for the approval.

RTO Deep raj kanathia assured that we are also fallowing the traffic regulatory plans and waiting for the approval of the govt.

RTO Deep raj said that we are simplifying the vehicle registration RC process of the bikes, cars and the RC issued by the RTO office will be delivered to the vehicle owner from the purchase agencies.

Deep raj assured that in near future we are simplifying all the other processes in phase manners, in the RTO offices  and bringing more reforms, for the transparency in the department and in case of any complain directly approach me.


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