KATHUA CASE: Sanjhi took out money to bribe cops


KATHUA CASE: Sanjhi took out money to bribe cops

JAMMU: The call detail records, bank transactions and crucial scientific evidence have further implicated the accused involved in the rape and murder of the eight year old nomadic Kathua girl early this year.

The new findings were reported in a supplementary charge-sheet filed by the Crime Branch before Pathankot District and Sessions Judge Tejwinder Singh on Monday.
Quoting expert opinion and the other evidence, the charge-sheet establishes that the victim was overdosed with a cocktail of sedatives during her captivity, rendering her incapacitated to resist sexual assault and murder.
According to the fresh police investigation, the analysis of retrieved mobile forensic data of the cell-phones used by Vishal, the son of the mastermind Sanjhi Ram, reveals incriminating chat details.
“As a result of his guilty conscience, (Vishal) was apprehensive about his arrest in the case well before the investigating agency had taken any step in this behalf against him,” reads the charge-sheet.
Further pointing to his culpability, there are no calls between him and his parents between January 12 to January 17 – the important dates concerning the case.
This is unusual as according to the charge-sheet the CDR analysis reveals that in past Vishal has remained in constant touch with his family whenever he has been in UP and only rarely has there been a break in communication lasting several days.
The call analysis also shows that the accused Deepak Khajuria (SPO), Sanjhi Ram, Tilak Raj (Head Constable), Anand Dutta (sub inspector), Surinder Kumar (SPO) and Vishal were in touch with one another during the days of the crime as well as after the crime was exposed and handed over to the Crime Branch for investigation.
“Common location analysis based on the data provided by the cellular companies indicates presence of some of the accused in and around Rasana, Kootah on crucial dates concerning crime corroborating many instances of the main charge sheet,” the charge-sheet states. “From the analysis, it is evident that spike in the calls, between some of the accused, is visible immediately around important dates of occurrence of crime, after the recovery of the dead body of the victim as well as when crime scenes were inspected by the investigating agency in this case.”
The charge-sheet also establishes the involvement of Surinder Kumar (SPO) by proving that he too was in  touch with the accused Deepak Khajuria and  Tilak Raj.
“Duration of calls made and the frequency of calls has also abruptly increased after commission of crime leading to the irresistible conclusion of knee deep involvement of accused Surinder Kumar along with other accused in the commission of crime,” the charge-sheet states.
Tilak Raj is the police head constable who had played a vital role in striking a deal between the police and the accused Sanjhi Ram to destroy crucial evidence to save the accused.
Bank withdrawals
Sanjhi Ram, the charge-sheet states, had made huge withdrawals of money from his two bank accounts to bribe the police officials to save the accused.
“A perusal of account statement reveals that in the month of December, 2017 & January, 2018 the accused Sanjhi Ram has repeatedly withdrawn substantial amount of money ranging from Rs 40,000 to Rs 1, 00,000 from his bank account on different dates,” says the CB.
During this period, Sanjhi had neither undertaken any construction activity nor acquired any valuable asset, the CB revealed.
Complicity of police
The fresh police investigation has also revealed how SI Anand Dutta directed Village Defence Committee members to make false statements before the investigating officer of Crime Branch that they were continuously searching for the girl between January 12 to January 17.
“On being re-examined, they (VDC members) have unequivocally deposed that they had conducted the search for missing girl on January 12 and 17 only but at the time of their initial deposition they were called by SI Anand Dutta (accused) and were directed to make a false statement before the investigating officer of Crime Branch to the effect that the search for the missing girl was conducted by them continuously from 12-01-2018 to 17-01-2018,” the report reads.
The daily dairy (Rozanamach) extracts of January 15 and January 16 establish that VDC members had not been deputed to Rasana for search of the missing girl but were deputed for some other duties, the probe reveals.



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