IkkJutt Jammu urges Guv to  order CBI Probe into the  Kathua Conspiracy – Ankur Sharma


IkkJutt Jammu urges Guv to  order CBI Probe into the  Kathua Conspiracy – Ankur Sharma


Ankur Sharma  Chairman IkkJutt Jammu demanded a CBI probe into the Kathua conspiracy.  He said it has become an imperative necessity as the entire issue pertaining to the murder of a girl in Rasana points towards a bigger conspiracy of destabilizing the entire Jammu province by promoting a systematic demographic change in Jammu province and inciting communal riots.


Ankur Sharma  urged the State governor to recognize that the enquiry done by the state police into the case clearly betrayed a  sinister and subversive political motivation on the part of the previous government led by Mehbooba Mufti.  Putting tainted officers of dubious character  and professional reputation  in charge of the case only showed that the Mehboob a led government was doing so to prefix the results of the enquiry in advance to unleash a migration of Hindus living in the Rasana village located just adjacent to atheforest area in Rasana which was strategically located only to get it captured by the organized gangs of demographic encroachers. The Conspirators wanted to enact a Bhatindi type of capture of the Rasana forests.


Ankur Sharma sought the attention of the Governor into the entire campaign launched at the behest of the Jihadi establishment in the state through its stranglehold on the then government  in the state to defame and indict the entire population of Jammu as pro-rapists  so that the public resistance to the systematic demographic change of the entire belt around Jammu City and Kathua is neutralized. The propaganda campaign launched globally by the Jihad propaganda  cell in the state should act as an eye opener  to Government of India at the highest level as at can be a harbinger of a far more widespread defamation campaign against the nation of India in the near future.


Ankur Sharma further emphasized that Jammu and Kashmir Governor under section 92 of the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution is both a constitutional and executive head as well as the state legislature, it will be only prudent if he orders a CBI probe into the whole conspiracy hatched by the Jihadi separatist forces in the state. This has become an absolute necessity in the interest of the Justice system.


Ankur Sharma said that the Governor should recognize the sensitivities of the people living in Jammu and the sense of hurt they have felt at the hands of an organized defamation assult launched on them to undermine their prestige and self-esteem. Ordering the CBI enquiry will assuage the feelings of people of Jammu and restore their confidence in the administrative set up of the state.



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