Jammu: Thousands of DSS workers in a big cavalcade led by Ch. Lal Singh reached Kootha morh today to formally launch its Election Campaign. Ch Lal Singh plunges into the election campaign from the place where the seeds of the Dogra Swabhimaan Sangathan were sown. The seeds have grown into a full fledged tree and the time is ripe to come together and strengthen by lending vote and support to the DSS in the forthcoming general elections. Ch Lal Singh urged the people of Jammu province to give the befitting reply to the Kashmiri centric politicians and their cohorts in Jammu who were responsible in maligning the image of Dogras. While addressing the gathering in kootha More, Ch. Lal Singh lambasted the self styled leadership of Jammu who always sold the interest of Jammu for the political consideration and the present leadership both in Jammu and in New Delhi has broken all records.  The Sangathan In his relentless strive to get CBI probe ordered in Rassana gang rape and murder case of an innocent nomadic girl child and to get her justice, former MP and minister Ch Lal Singh said that he would continue to his struggle and is getting more and more public support  on the issue.

While addressing the gathering, Ch Lal Singh stressed upon the need to have CBI probe to restore confidence of the general public of Jammu region.   He explained the need for the CBI probe because of four different agencies having been used to investigate this case and finally a fabricated case challaned in the court. He stated that the fourth agency was sent from Srinagar Crime Branch with a clear cut mandate of making it a hate crime and tarnishing the image of Dogra community and their revered places of worship. Ch Lal Singh said that I am surprised to hear that How a crime of this nature can be committed in a Devsthan for eight days continuously? If it happens like this the need of the CBI inquiry becomes must.

Lal Singh claimed that he would continue to strive for CBI probe and take the agitation to a logical conclusion, because it is a question mark on secularism in Jammu and image of Dogras.   While addressing to the wailing family of Sanji Ram, who is facing trial in the court, Ch. Lal Singh said that I will fight till my lost breath to see that justice is done to the poor soul and in no circumstances any innocent should be persecuted. He further said that this is the time when all Dogras will teach a lesson to all those leaders who remained mute spectator to the humiliation which we faced in infamous Rasaana case across the country.

Ex. MLA Kanta Andotra  became emotional while addressing the gathering and said that my whole family is dedicated to the cause of Jammu and am sure that the people of Jammu shall value the tears of the family of Sanji Ram who is behind the bars in want of CBI.

Dr Hari Dutt Shishu while addressing the gathering said that Dogras are a world known ethnic group for its bravery, tolerance and sacrifices. It is only CBI that can do justice with the case and get justice to the departed soul. Though the child belonged to the nomadic tribe but the people of Jammu took it as crime against their own daughter and sought severest punishment to the culprit(s) but once the investigating agencies were changed, one after the other, and finally an agency with tainted and jailed officials began the investigation, the doubts arose.  DSS is only the voice of Dogras and shall prove a panacea for all miseries and agonies of Dogras. He also appealed to all the people of Kathua to ask direct question to all candidates who come to seek your votes that where they were when the whole Jammu province was struggling for CBI.

Madhu Bala D/o Sanji Ram, who is in the jail in Rassana case, expressed her gratitude to the DSS in general and Ch. Lal Singh in person and said that he is only the leader in the entire state who stood for justice and understands the pain and agony of masses.

Retd.IGP kamal Saini, also spoke on the occasion and said that I have joined DSS under the leadership  of Ch. Lal Singh while seeing his commitment to the cause of Jammu.

Sh. KD Singh, Sh. Kuljeet Singh, Sh Suresh Gupta, Sh PR Sharma, Sh Narinder Singh Bhau, Sh Pushpinder Charak, Adv Pushpinder Manhas, Sh Bhupinder Singh, Dr HR Sharma, S. Balbir Singh, Rajinder Gupta, Adv. BS Jamwal, Sh. Sudershan Choudhay, Sh. Vikas Dutt, Ms. Navneet Kaur, Adv. Vikrant, Sh. Raju Pehlwan, Sh. Wahid Shah, and Raghav Khajuria were present in the team of the DSS.


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